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The King's Council
The King's Council
  • What is THE KING'S COUNCIL Catholic Men's Fraternity?

    Accountability. Self-Control. Integrity. Authenticity.

    The Place to get what you need...

    THE KING'S COUNCIL offers the development of authentic masculinity and authentic fraternity among Catholic men, particularly addressing the contemporary need for masculine formation and fellowship within the framework of Church teaching.

    We provide: Initiatory, experiential, and formational events and retreats, teaching a methodology and structure based on the best available sources for men's psychology and Catholic spirituality.

    We encourage:  Catholic men's accountability groups. Mentorship in the roles of son, husband, father, and grandfather. Networking and referrals to reliably Catholic professionals.

    We foster: Life-affirming, healthful, fraternal, and supportive relationships among Catholic men, our clergy, and our families.

    We promote: The Christian evangelization of our living and working environments. 

    We are: Serious Catholic men striving for lives of integrity under the Kingship of Jesus Christ, our Lord. "Come and see." (John, 1:39)  



    What to do when the fire chiefs become the arsonists...

    THE KING'S COUNCIL is not only repulsed by recent revelations of sexual criminality in our clergy and its cover-up, but as fathers, grandfathers, and well-formed Catholic men, we are beyond outrage.  These are just the kind of things bound to happen when men malformed in masculinity are put in leadership roles.  They become "monster boys". Never before has the requirement for "Accountability, Self-Control. Integrity, and Authenticity" been more vitally paramount in the life of the Church.

    THE KING'S COUNCIL calls on the Catholic hierarchy up to the highest level to act as authentic men to take quick, just, and truly fatherly action. Manly decisive action. Period. We hear all the "mea culpas," all the pathetic expressions of "sorrow, shock, sadness, grief..." all the calls for "prayer and fasting", and on and on... We've heard it all before.  It's not good enough. We read and hear all the infuriating double talk and excuses from the Vatican all the way down to small town Pennsylvania. We don't need any more of it! What we do need are better men to lead the Church... authentic men... and very soon.

    THE KING'S COUNCIL strongly states that as our Catholic clergy apparently cannot husband and father itself, to the detriment of the Faithful, then authentic Catholic laymen -- in their fatherly role as protectors --  will do it for them. We will work to hold our entire clergy, and particularly bishops, ACCOUNTABLE. 

    THE KING'S COUNCIL also stands firmly against the homosexual subculture in the clergy and episcopate. We regard it as the root and branch of the criminal priestly abuse scandal. Sexual abuse, sodomy, pederasty and and pedophilia, illicit sex, are sure signs of malformed, toxic masculinity... and grave sinfulness. TKC will encourage identification of criminal sexual deviance in the entire clergy and report it immediately to lawful secular authority. This is our duty as protectors of God's people, our families, our communities, as Catholic men of integrity.

    THE KING'S COUNCIL views all homosexuality as does the Church itself: "Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that 'homosexual acts are gravely disordered.' They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life... Under no circumstances can they be approved." (Catechism of the Catholic Church #2357)

    There are many, many faithful Catholic laymen and clergy ready, willing, and able to "run into the burning building" our Church has become to rescue the Faithful. Be one of them.

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    Burning With Scandal.

    "Our Church is on fire right now... It's burning with the scandals and sins. I want to challenge you to run back in the building that is on fire... and help put it out."

    From Rev. John Hollowell's excellent homily. It sums up well what THE KING'S COUNCIL would also say about the recent scandals in the Church.

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    Another of his blockbusters HERE.

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