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The King's Council
The King's Council
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    About Us

    What is Authentic Fraternity?

    Take a little time to read our whole story...

    One of the primal needs of a man is to belong.  From the beginning, mankind soon discovered that cooperation is vital to survival. Isolation means death. Bonding and solidarity among men emerged as survival skills. Authentic masculinity and authentic fraternity were born of this primal need. It is now innate, part of a man's genetic code.

    When this vital man-to-man cooperation and support is absent, a man is at a terrible disadvantage.  An isolated man becomes a danger to himself and those around him. So powerful will be his unmet need to identify, to belong, he'll join whatever group he can find -- even a very harmful one. He's going to somehow get what he innately knows he needs.  

    Toxic masculinity and fraternity then take hold, damaging all that they touch. Terrorists recruit using them.  False religions are built on them. Taken to their worst level, they become the cult, the organized crime syndicate, the urban street gang, the terrorist cell. (Keep on reading...)


    Even more horrific, a man malformed in masculinity can become sexually deviant.  So strong is the need to connect, he may indulge in every manner of sexual perversity -- even sexual criminality.  At its ultimate, he becomes the sexual abuser, the pedophile, the rapist. Outrageously, we very recently even see this at the highest levels of the institutional Catholic Church! Pathetic... and criminal.


    Add to this our present corrosive cultural environment. News and entertainment media often portray men as dysfunctional and violent, or passive and weak... or just plain stupid. Sexual identity and gender role confusion has become rampant. Feminist provocateurs -- not true feminists who call for the best in men -- assail and snipe at masculinity, turning the vital complementarity of "man and woman" into a continual gender war of "man vs. woman". 

    A man without the support of men of virtue and integrity around him can easily "buy in" to all this cultural negativity and confusion.  He may himself become confused, or cynical, or angry, or violent. Or he may just decide to "go it alone", suffering in loneliness, addiction, depressed silence, resignation, passivity.

    Take a look at the video below... 

    Our friend Allie is going to explain a few things you need to know...

    How to Get the Tools You Need...

    Okay, so how do we "make men more masculine again"? What's the walk we'll walk, instead of just the talk we'll talk, to create them? An answer comes in good men actually helping other men build themselves into better, more masculine, more authentic men!  The men God intends them to be.

    How? Well, only authentic men can create other authentic men! Men can't give other men what they don't have to begin with. Authenticity doesn't come to a man with his anatomy. It must be learned, built up, and passed on man to man.  So from time immemorial, men have built structures and institutions to ensure this vital legacy. But presently the old structures have simply not held up under the constant barrage of "culture war". So, it's time to build new structures that will hold up. 

    THE KING'S COUNCIL is such a structure.  We exist to meet this challenge head on.  We can't change the world... but we can change our worlds!  We can't change all men... but we can offer the guy sitting next to us the knowledge, skills, and tools to build a better life. And we've got quite a toolbox! Come and see.

    Accountability. Self Control. Integrity. Authenticity. These are some of the building blocks our house is made of.  We build with the best tools available in men's psychology, masculine Catholic spirituality and social teaching, and physical health. We build together. We maintain together. We thrive together.  We pass it on. Authentic masculinity. Authentic fraternity. It's what we do. Come and see.

    Together, we're powerful.  We absolutely can build ourselves into the men God intends us to be! And we can have a lot of manly joy and fun in the process, too. Authentic masculine brotherhood creates an unusually strong and joyful bond. Strength to survive... and joy to thrive!  (Keep on reading... almost done.)

    Your Journey Begins Here...

    So since you've come this far --  some unfortunately will not -- you might just be the man we're looking for.  The journey we invite you on is not for tourists. It's the real deal. It's hard work. There's sweat, tears, and yep, even sometimes blood. It takes teamwork. It requires real commitment.

    The question is, do you want to walk with us on the path to become the men God intends us to be? Or not? Do you have the guts to push past the fear and get on your way? Or not?

    Take a little risk, a small next step... Subscribe. Drop us a line. Poke around our website. If you're really gutsy, call and talk to one of us. Find out more. Men are waiting for you... To challenge you. To provoke you. To likely inspire you. And oh yeah... we're not afraid to say we'll love you. We are serious Catholic men striving for lives of integrity under the Kingship of Jesus Christ, our Lord. "Come and see." (John, 1:39)  

    Thanks for reading our whole story... That was your first step. Welcome to the journey!


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    FYI... The "Into the Breach Training Weekends" or "IBTW's" for 2019 are now being planned.  Development and leadership meetings are now taking place.  We are seeking experienced collaborators.  Do you have an interest in "men's work" or men's spirituality or men's psychology?  We are working to create an initiatory experience for men in the Catholic Church unlike any other. Contact us!

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